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Here is a list of all the characters played by the gents, if you see any missing, please mail me at the address on the info page. Don't forget to check out this months in depth character profile.

Mark Gatiss
Doctor Chinnery: The kind, caring but yet unsuccessful vet that has killed more animals than he as actually saved, apparently something to do with a gypsy curse.
Brian Morgan: Tactless but nice work colleague and friend of Mike and Geoff.
Mickey Michaels: Dim….No, totally thick jobseeker and admires Pauline. He thinks he might ‘like’ her.
Les McQueen: The rhythm guitarist of unsuccessful 70’s pop group ‘Crème Brulee’. He just can’t let go of the past and he always wishes he’d made it big.
Al: One of the sons of the perverted newsagent ‘Pop’. Pop will only accnknowledge Al as his son because his other son, Richie, was looking after the booth when some youths stole nine Maverick bars.
Phil: The most talented member of the failing theatre in education group ‘Legz Akimbo’. He is constantly victimised by Ollie because of his sexuality and the fact that he is just 'better' than Ollie.
Andrew Ward: The wife stealing man who has been made into a scare crow by Farmer Tinsel.
Aunty Val Denton: The wife of hideous Harvey. She is timid and let’s herself be pushed around by Harvey and his insane habits.
Martin Lee: The hiking friend and Benjamin and innocent victim of the murderous Edward and Tubbs.
Iris Krell: A women who is very experienced on the sexual front (and very explicit about it) and the cleaner for Mrs. Levenson, who we later find out is her daughter.
Mr. Wint: Yet another innocent victim of Edward and Tubbs. He was covered in tar, forced to watch Tubbs dancing naked and then chased by Edward with a cross bow.
David Tatsyrup: The road- building son of Edward and Tubbs. He left the sanctuary of the Local Shop and went into the big world only to come back to rescue his mother but his plans are foiled by Edward ‘you cannot trust this boy! His mind has been corrupted by colours shapes and sounds’
Lance: The totally insane one-armed owner of the joke shop in the high street. He thinks that people have no sense of humour when it’s him who has a twisted one.
Hillary Briss: The creepy, evil butcher who sells ‘special stuff’ to his ‘select cliental’ He considers that ‘Fear is the best insurance money can buy’
Bald man: The Artistic man on the moors and victim of Ally and Henry’s cheek in the cinema and he also becomes David’s new friend all because he wanted a can of coke.
Mick: The monotonous cave guide who has been emotional disturbed by the death of a young boy in the caves.
Policeman: Softly spoken policeman (note the link here between the wicker man, Mark is very good at Edward Woodward!) who is cremated by Edward and Tubbs for becoming to close to the truth about them
Mama Lazarou: One of Papa Lazarous many wives but she seems to be the main one and goes everywhere with him and I think she is in on the plot to get Papa more wives!
Frau Lipp: Scary German wife of the exchange teacher Herr Lipp, who turns out to be a Vampire with prutruding nipples.
Steve Pemberton
Tubbs Tatsyrup: The wife of Local Shop proprietor Edward. She makes out that she is innocent but really she is just as bad as Edward. And her tastes in food are unmentionable, hair sandwiches, whole onions, cockroaches and the dips she made for David and Barbara’s wedding…well…gross.
Pauline Campbell – Jones: The over the top, patronising restart officer who is adored by Mickey and despised by Ross. She is a Lesbian who spends her free time (or time on the dole) ‘Getting up at dinnertime and flicking myself off to Trisha’
Barbara Dixon (voice of): Gruff and very masculine transsexual taxi driver who doesn’t leave out any details in the description of her many operations.
Mike Harris: The successful boss of Royston Vaseys plastics factory and is the long-suffering friend of Geoff and Brian. He is the only one of the three that has any brain at all but his fondness/kindness towards Geoff in particular usually ends in tragedy.
Farmer Tinsel: The local Farmer who falls victim to Doctor Chinnery and his wife goes and has an affair with Andrew Ward. But Farmer Tinsel gets his revenge by making Andrew into his new scarecrow.
Harvey Denton: The hygiene obsessed Uncle of Benjamin and husband of Val. He has a large collection of, and is an expert on toads. They are more important to him than his own daughters. He is also obsessed with having everything in order and the prevention of masturbation and ‘passing solids into the downstairs lavatory’.
Pop: The Italian newsagent who has disowned his son after 9 Maverick bars were stolen by some youths when he was looking after the booth.
Dave: Another member of the travelling theatre company ‘Legz Akimbo’ who, like Phil has to suffer because of Ollie’s insanity. He does have to suffer as much as Phil though because of Phil been Gay and Ollie is homophobic because of his ex wife Linda Plumber
Morris: The local magistrate who manages to resist Hillary's attempts to sell him the 'special stuff' but after a taste he soon falls at Hillary's feet and becomes another of his victims.
Ally: Gormless Ally is friends with Henry and also spends his life glued to a screen of some sort watching terrible horror and blue movies.
Charlie: Underachieving and under performing husband of Stella. He does love her and can't leave her despite the fact she has been sleeping around, one of her affairs would include her son in law to be, Tony.
'Dave': The unsuspecting housewife who becomes the new wife of Papa Lazarou despite protesting and being unable to speak the 'special language'
Renee; The other half of the two insane ladies from the charity shop. She is also deaf and obsessed with rudeness and is totally untactful. She is also very adamant that everything should have a special mark, despite the fact most of the stuff in the shop is absolute shite (pardon the language)
Mr Foot: The most untactful man in the world. He tries to be helpful but doesn't realise that really he is being totally offensive and is so surprised when people just walk away from him!
Mr. Majolica: The evil vet from the christmas special largly based on Jekyll who tricks chinnery into felling the monkeys knackers!!
Herr Lipp: Husband of Frau Lipp who goes around trying to seduce young boys.
Reece Shearsmith
Stella: The trashy and argumentative wife of Charlie. She had an affair with her daughters fiancée
Geoff Tipps: He desperately wants to be popular and he wants Mike to like him best but rather than be nice, he uses a gun to get people to listen to him and has attacked Brian and mike numerous times.
Edward Tatsyrup: Inbred local shopkeeper who has a son and is married to his sister. He hates anything that is local or anything that comes in his shop (even if they are local) and murders them.
Ross Gains: The only one of Pauline’s job seekers who seems to have any intelligence at all. He is smug and cocky and enjoys lording over the evil Pauline.
Henry: Greasy – haired horror film lover and friend of the equally gormless Ally. He spends most of his time either at ‘Video Vault’, the cinema or at home watching the videos he has rented for ‘Video Vault’ with Ally.
Vinnie: One of the two insane ladies who volunteer to work in the charity shop in the high street. She is deaf and stubborn, obsessed with bags and special marks and is never rude.
Papa Lazarou: Strange and slightly deranged travelling circus ringleader and head of the freak show. He also has a strange hobby, collected wives on his travels.
Cathy Carter-Smith: The second evil Jobseeker teacher. Terrifying and bull – dog faced successor to Pauline.
Samuel: Local Councillor who indulges in the Hillary Brisses special products.
Benjamin Denton: Poor Benjamin has come up form London to meet a friend, who he doesn't even realise has been killed by the local shop owners and then he has to put up with his Aunt and Uncles freakish ways only to escape and be captured by some other freaks and then end up back where he started. And, as the sign says, I don't think hell ever leave!
Bernice Woodall: The local vicar who is very outspoken and has strong un - pc feelings about many things and isn't afraid to let people know about them!
Ollie Plimsolls: Neurotic, homophobic and emotionally unstable 'professional actor' (if that’s what he wants to call it) and writer of Legz Akimbo Theatre in Education Company.
Richie: Shamed Son of Italian newsagent 'Pop' because 9 Maverick bars were stolen on his shift and so he will never merit a booth of his own
Judee Levenson: Snobbish and wealthy resident of Royston Vasey who, unknown untill the last episode, is the eldest daughter of Iris
Mathew: The 1975 almost victim of Herr Lipp, he discovers that Frau Lipp is in fact the master vampire and she has converted all the little choir boys in to vampires. He narrowly escapes a vampire attack and leaves Herr Lipp benn sucked on by a dozen boys!
Mr. Boothby: Another character who is in on the plot to spoil chinnery`s career, he is bike riding lunatic.