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The League of Gentlemen: Series 1 Video
The video has episodes 1 - 6 of Series 1 (the complete series) and is well worth the money. It is available at all good video shops and our good friends at Blackstar priced 12.99. HMV were selling a special edition, for an extra pound more you could get a precious thing. These were limited to 15,000 and HMV and now confirmed that they're all sold out.
The League of Gentlemen: Series 1 DVD
This is a fantastic buy. It has episodes 1 -6 on it and it has a commentry done by the League. They talk for the full three hour series about filming problems, where characters come from and more. There are deleted scenes, character profiles and to find the hidden sound clips go to the character profiles, go to your fave character, local people then press left to hear your fave characters sound clip!
The League of Gentlemen: A Local Book For Local People
This book is fantastic. It has everything. It has follow ons from the TV series and then just funnies. It has lots of pictures and is well worth 9.99. I'm proud because the really crappy zoo, Dudley zoo, the zoo of my hometown gets a mention. I'm proud!!!
On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen
The tape that started the gents on their way to stardom. Set in Spent, it takes a lot of the sketches from Series one, with new material aswell it is a fantastic buy at 8.99.
Jeremys Books
Jeremy has written many books, a lot of fans don't realise quite how many, there are too many to fit on this page so I am currently building a page with with all league linked mechandise. Keep checking back for the link!
Marks Books
Mark has also written many books, he was writing Doctor Who novels before the League made it big time, I have two of these and can recomend them to fans of The Doctor and non fans. He has also written other books including a great James Whale biography.
Click on the picture for all other merchandise links
Coming soon is a page filled with league merchandise, books, and CD's by Rudolph Rocker, Jeremys band.