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Here are lots of pictures of the different League of Gentlemen Characters
I have listed the characters in alphabetical order (using first names) so it easy to locate the character you are looking for

Edward Tatsyrup

Tubbs Tatsyrup

David Tatsyrup

Ross Gains

Pauline Campbell-Jones

Mickey Micheals

Papa Lazarou


Mama Lazarou

Ollie Plimsoles

Dave Parkes

Phill Proctor

Benjamin Denton

Harvey Denton

Val Denton




Geoff Tipps

Mike Harris

Brian Morgan

Samuel Chignell

Maurice Evans

Hillary Briss

Stella Hull

Charlie Hull

Lez McQueen

Mr. Hart

Mrs. de Courcey

Mr. Chinnary


Thank you to all the people who have let me use their pictures for my web site, especially Kris who owns most of them!