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This is all about the wonder that is Reece
Reece Shearsmith was born on the 27th August 1969 in Hull, Humberside. He went from here to study Drama and Theatre Arts at Bretton Hall College in Wakefield. He, as did the other acting members of The League of Gentlemen, left with a BA (hons) in Theatre Arts.

He has also made lots of T.V appearances apart from those in The League of Gentlemen, these include:
In The Red
Alexei Sayle`s Merry Go Round
Lenny Henry
London`s Burning
The Paramount Comedy Shorts
I Love The 1970`s Series
A Judge on BBC talent for stand up comedy and then also on the grand finals.
A Reece look like has been spotted several times in the background on `Watchdog`(!)
Next year Reece will be making an appearance on Spaced 2
Soundtrack to My Life
The Devil of Winterbourne
Ghosts of Winterbourne
This Years Love (A Film without any killings!)

He has also performed for Steve Pemberton`s 606 Theatre Company in
The Honest Whore
The Traitor
He also used to be a part of the long running comedy group `News revue`. I was lucky to see the new members of this group in Edinburgh last August. It was a sell out show thanks the reputation that Reece helped to build for the team a long time ago.

As all the others did, when The League of Gentlemen was given the Radio 4 contract Reece gave up a his Restart Course and said a sad (!) farewell to Ollie Plimsolls and his theatre in education work. Which has not been forgotten and later appeared in the series.

According to the interview on `Soundtrack to My Life` Reece`s ambition is to play a baddie on `Colombo`. His hobbies include conjuring and talking quietly through a ventriloquist`s dummy. And he has recently said that he NEVER uses the Internet.

Reece was also at the book signing on Friday 17th November. He was very polite and chatty despite the fact he was clearly very tired from all that hard work and travelling around.