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This section is all about the talented Steve Pemberton
Steve comes from Blackburn and now lives in Lon-don (!). He also studied Drama and Theatre Arts at the Bretton Hall College in Wakefield. He came out of this with a BA (hons) in Theatre Arts. During his time at college he co wrote and starred in `Damage Your Children` and `Death Warmed up` with Mark Gatiss.
He then did theatre works and toured round Europe performing:
A Slight Ache
A Midsummer Nights Dream

After this he founded `The 606 Theatre Company` in 1990 and produced and performed in many productions. Since then he has appeared on many television shows, stage performances and in films. These include:
Aunties Inferno
Damage your children
Death Warmed up
The honeymoon period
Done to death
The honest whore
The beggars new clothes
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)
Smith and Jones
Friday night Armistice
Lenny Goes to Town
In the Red
Birthday Girl
Alice in Russialand

Steve has also been the editor of `The International Film Guide` and has written some articles that were published by `Variety International`.
Steve is now a Father to Lucas Pemberton who is now about 10 months old (I Think!) to whom their BAFTA and the tour `A Local Show For Local People` is dedicated too.
I met Steve at a recent book signing in Birmingham and he was ever so pleasant. He laughed at the group I was with and myself because we had nicked off with the `professional` advertising boards for the event which they all signed!