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This section is all about Mark
Mark Gatiss comes from Sedgefield in County Durham. Mark has moved from his hometown to London. He studied Drama and Theatre Arts at Bretton Hall, which is where the three acting members of The League of Gentlemen first met. It was here that he co-wrote and performed in `Damage Your Children` and `Death Warmed Up` with Steve Pemberton. Mark left the college with a BA (hons) in Theatre Arts.

  He has had many T.V appearances as well as being in The League of Gentlemen. These include:
The Dwelling Place
In The Red
This Morning With Richard Not Judy
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)
The Pitch of Fear
The Kidnappers
The Web of Caves
Bidding Adieu
Unnatural Selection

Mark in the tour program
  Many `Doctor Who` fans will already know who Mark Gatiss is because he has written four Doctor Who books to date:
The Last of The Gaderene
The Roundheads
Sir Anthony`s Fire

When The League of Gentlemen were given the chance by the BBC to perform their work on Radio 4, Mark gave up the writing of Doctor Who books and also the occasional appearance as a Dalek `The Proudest Moment of my life` to become one of England`s best comedians (in my opinion anyway!)

Young Mark
  Since The League of Gentlemen have been around, Mark has been in many interviews in different magazines including `Gay Times` and `Arena`.
His other achievements include:
Having written an episode for Series Two of `Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)`
`Ringing The Changes` with Jeremy Dyson for Radio 4
He has appeared on BBC 2`s Doctor Who night as The Doctor and was really good at it. In my opinion BBC should bring back Doctor Who with Mark Gatiss playing The Doctor.
Mark was also spotted during the summer on the `I Love The 1970`s` series. He talked about Fab lollies among other things.

Mark and Reece made an appearance on `Jonathon Ross`s Saturday Morning Show`, it a really good interview and two people got their e-mails with really good questions read out. The answers were most interesting. He has also written for `The Guardian` but I haven`t seen any of his articles. Marks ambition is `to unleash a plague of sterility on cattle and agriculture and then hold the worlds powers to ransom`

After meeting Mark at the Birmingham book signing on 17th November, I found him to be a really nice guy. He happily chatted to me about Doctor Who and was pleased to pose for a photograph afterwards.

(Top) scene from a sketch by Mark Gatiss (bottom) Marc Gatiss as The Doctor on the BBC2 Doctor Who Night