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Below are some pictures of the league on different TV shows. Thank you once again to everyone who has helped me find the pictures.

Steve played Proffessor Mule in the BBc`s Gormanghast series which was an adaptation of the Mervyn Peake Novels.

The picture on the right is Steve in action as Proff. Mule. Thanx Lucy for the picture!

Left is Mark and Steve in the 2000 edition of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). They were in one episode as Inspectors Liddel and Large (I think!) Thanks again to Lucy for the picture, click on the photo to visit her club!

Left is Reece appearing on Play Uk`s `Soundtrack to My Life` on 13th June 2000. Thanks to Kris who supplied the photo, click on the picture to see more!